Ex-Oz, Julio 2014

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  2. Daedelus

    Ex-Oz, Julio 2014

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  3. Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s dancers in the studio. Photo by James Rowbotham

    (Source: ballet.co.uk, via ouchpouchsaywhat)

  4. balletwarrior:

    Bad Girls

    Ballet villains + M.I.A.’s Bad Girls

    Gamzatti - Mirtha - Carabosse - Queen of Hearts - Odile

  5. photojojo:

    Keep snapping! You’re only getting better.

    We sized up this quote perfectly for your phone, tablet or compy.

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  6. Sky Ferreira. Teatro La Cúpula, Junio 2014

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  7. Elisita Punto (MKRNI)

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  8. MKRN

    Teatro La Cúpula, junio 2014

  9. Babar

  10. hopeful-melancholy:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson