1. Termas Quimey-Co, IX región

    Best thing to do after a wedding
  2. muskming:

    The White-Haired Girl / 白毛女
    Chinese revolutionary ballet which premiered in 1965, and was made one of the Eight Model Operas which dominated the national stage during the Cultural Revolution.

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    Ballet, tumblr style 5! (x)

    still going strong!

    (via pearlenpointe)

  4. Babar y su siesta

  5. cloudvictory:

    C&V SESSIONS: “I think people sometimes forget that.” - Demelza Parish, Royal Ballet.

    We had the chance to interview the lovely Demelza Parish, an Artist/Corps member from the Royal Ballet - look out for it on C&V Sessions next Wednesday!

    And If the surname sounds familiar it’s because you guys might be acquainted with her older brother - you know, that Xander fellow.

     (Pic: left to right - Hayley Forskitt, Demelza Parish, Letitia Stock. By Dave Morgan for ROH.) 


  6. obsessivedancingdisorder:

    Marianela Núñez — La Bayadère [1/2]

  7. literarydogs:

    Chile, september 11th, 1973. A lonely dog stares at the horror, while the military forces drop their bombs over the goverment palace.

  8. quantumaniac:

    Evidence for Plate Tectonics Found on Europe

    In a report published September 7 in Nature Geoscience, researchers have provided the first potential evidence of plate tectonics elsewhere in the Universe. “Earth is not unique — we’ve found another body in the solar system with plate tectonics,” says  Simon Kattenhorn of the University of Idaho. “This tells us that this process can happen on more than just rocky planets like Earth.” Researchers had previously found evidence of plate tectonics on Mars, but it looks like those processes ended long ago. 

    As io9 reports: 

    Researchers Simon Kattenhorn and Louise Prockter observed areas of the icy moon where cracks opened up and where new material came up from underneath the ice, creating new surface areas.

    It’s likely that a plate tectonic system is moving old portions of Europa’s surface beneath adjacent plates, similar to subduction zones on Earth. 

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    No ha cambiado mucho, don Nica

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    ayayay !